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Player Information:
Name: Kate, or since that handle is taken, K8 will work. /o/
Age: 23
Contact: overideologies @ aim
Game Cast: N/A

Character Information:
Name: Johanna Mason
Canon: The Hunger Games
Canon Point: Post Mockingjay, pre epilogue since it doesn't mention her.
Age: Unknown. I'm guessing 20s.
Reference: Here.

Setting: The Hunger Games is set in a post apocalyptic future of Earth, the world as we know it ended by unknown means - though commonly thought to be due to sea levels rising. Out of the ashes of what remained of North America rose a new nation - Panem, lead under totalitarian rule and split into thirteen districts that provided different key materials for the country, and it's more privileged citizens in the Capitol.

The exact length of time Panem has been in existence is unknown but it's history has been a rocky one. At least 74 years prior to the start of the series, the collective districts of Panem told their current dictator - President Snow - to take his oppressive ways and shove them. Thus began a nationwide rebellion that didn't go anywhere because they were lacking a teenage girl to lead them, obviously. Anyway, lots of people die, the government makes increasingly horrific weapons - biological and machinery - to kill off the rebels which was great until it kind of backfired, yada yada. Eventually Snow and District 13 come to a ceasefire agreement (we'll nuke you if you nuke us) where District 13 gets to break away and live however they please as long as they stay underground and don't interfere with the remaining 12 districts. 13 agrees because at this point the war is going poorly for the rest of the districts and decides to leave them for the wolves. The rest of Panem believes they've been wiped off the face of the earth and no one is the wiser.

At this point, Snow decides that the rest of Panem needs to pay for throwing their lot in with District 13 and sets up a means of hitting them where it hurts - their kids. Thus begins the Hunger Games, a gladiatorial like competition between 24 kids (two mostly randomly selected tributes from each district, one boy and one girl) where they are expected to fight to the death until the last man stands. Add in additional natural and unnatural hazards like walls of moving fire, freezing to death and bizarre, genetically engineered creatures that can rip you in half with one bite and you might as well wish you had never stepped foot into one of their arenas. Winning the Hunger Games gets you automatic celebrity status and a few perks like being taken care of by the Capitol and a nice, large mansion that your entire family can move into. There's quite a few downsides to it as well, such as 'training' the next batch of tributes for the next game and being Snow's metaphorical bitch for the rest of your life but we'll get to that later.

And as if the chance of eminent death in the arena wasn't enough to look forward to, life in the remaining districts can vary from tolerable to downright abysmal. The poorer, lesser off districts are generally ruled more strictly and have many people that are starving. The Hunger Games is the one time of the year where the children of the family can enter their name several times to receive more grain for their families. The rest of the year, they're busy working to make ends meat or trying to survive. Children from richer Districts, however, are trained from birth to enter into the Hunger Games - these kids are known as Career Tributes, or Careers. Thus, it's usually the poor, untrained kids who get shafted and the Careers who win.

The people of the Capitol eat this up, of course. Panem's name derives from the Greek saying panem et circensus, ‘bread and circuses,’ an underhanded way of the government to distract the population from the horrible atrocities they commit by providing food and entertainment. Since the people of the Capitol are generally spoiled and unaffected by the Games - their children aren't forced to participate - they regard the whole affair as a time to celebrate and any added drama or flashy newcomer is usually met with lots of excitement.

Johanna's from one of the poorer districts - District 7, the lumber district. The exact circumstances behind how she came into the Games are unknown but we do know she spent the majority of the time before her Game and even time in the arena crying, acting weak and generally misleading her opponents into thinking she wasn't dangerous. When most of the other contestants were eliminated, she dropped the act and killed a great many of them off. Thus, she became one of District 7's few female Victors.

The next bit is never fully explained but we do know at some point Johanna's family died, presumably at the hands of Snow for not complying with something he wanted. One of the things about being a Victor is that once you've won, you're owned for life. The government finds ways to manipulate you into doing things, whether it involves killing your friends and family members off for talking badly about Panem or the odds of your children being picked for a Game increasing because you won't sleep with the people they want you to. Victors might as well be slaves for the highest bidder.

A few years after Johanna's victory, one Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take the place of her baby sister amongst the tributes of District 12. Chosen along with her is Peeta Mellark, a boy who's been in love with her since they were both young. Her actions in the Games - kindness towards her fellow Tributes, playing along with a made up love story, fighting to stay alive - inspire the people of Panem to rise up, to take a stand and fight. When her and Peeta are the last two standing and are told to kill each other, she defiantly refuses and convinces Peeta to commit a mutual suicide, forcing the hands of the Gamemakers to declare two victors.

Snow takes this personal and sees it as defiance towards the Capitol, towards himself and plots to take Katniss down, despite her status as a symbol of hope and her and Peeta's popularity in the Capitol. A year later, the 3rd Quarter Quell starts - a Game with special features due to it being 75 years since the end of the first rebellion - and Victors who should have had immunity from the Games are called back into the arena. Johanna, Katniss, Peeta and Finnick being among them.

Haymitch - Katniss' mentor during her first stint in the Games - arranges to have Katniss busted out from the arena mid-game, with the help of Johanna, Finnick, Beetee and others all working to thwart Snow. The plan is successfully pulled off but at a cost; Katniss, Finnick and Beetee both escape, while Johanna and Peeta are captured by the Capitol. They spend the next few months being tortured repeatedly, all while Katniss and the others are taken to District 13. There with the help of their leader, President Coin, and the remaining districts, they wage an all out war against Snow and the Capitol.

Eventually Johanna, Peeta and Annie - a former tribute whom Finnick is in love with - are rescued and taken back to District 13, all due to Katniss losing it when she sees Peeta being tortured on live TV. Johanna's recovery is long and arduous, but with Katniss pushing her and her determination to serve in the army and be there when the rebels storm the Capitol, she starts to make progress.

Right up until her final test, to see if she's capable of ignoring her newfound phobia of water and she has massive breakdown. Katniss, Finnick, Peeta and Gale all get to fight while she's left behind, and eventually succeed at taking down Snow at a terrible cost - losing Finnick and Katniss' sister, Prim. Coin sets up shop and gives the remaining Victors one very important task; to decide if there will be one final Hunger Games. Johanna votes yes, in favor of giving the Capitol a taste of their own medicine.

Katniss ultimately kills Coin when she finds out her involvement behind her sister's death, Snow is trampled to death in the uproar and the dictatorship is effectively put to an end.

Personality: Johanna is one of those characters you know little about beyond the testimony of others in the beginning of the series. Described as being a stellar actress, she fools many throughout her first go in the Hunger Games by pretending to be useless, unable to fight and cowardly. Her farce may not have had many betting on her as a potential victor but when the contestants had been narrowed down to a small handful, it didn't matter; she showed everyone that she was perfectly capable of being ruthless when her survival was on the line. And it's true, Johanna has no qualms about killing when it's necessary. She wouldn't have survived if she did.

She's not formally introduced until the second book but when she finally is, Johanna makes quite the impression by stripping off all her clothing in front of Katniss and Peeta, following them into an elevator and carrying on a casual conversation with Peeta. This isn't some mindless act; rather, it was done with the intention of teasing Katniss, who at this point is relatively pure compared to the other victors and easily embarrassed. She's got a sense of humor but only when it's at the expense of others, either through actions or words. It's one of many reasons she's so difficult to get along with, along with a tendency to speak her mind in pretty much all matters. It didn't matter that the Capitol could be listening in; she pulled no punches.

Johanna's described as having something of a temper, too. Friends and allies aren't spared her sharp tongue when she's given reason to turn it on them and the same can be said for strangers; she's a difficult person to get along with, even when she isn't chewing you out for pushing one of her many buttons. That isn't to say that she's hot headed-not everything sets her off-but she doesn't have a high tolerance for bullshit, even less for what she perceives as weakness. She's the kind of person who will shove someone in shock around because they're not dealing with the situation and gets easily frustrated when people don't just snap out of it. Not really what you'd expect from someone who survived and won her first Game by coming off as a weak, sniveling coward.

Unlike most of the other victors, Johanna seems to be the most at peace with her time in the Games. She tells Katniss that dwelling on the past is pointless because you can't change it, so you might as well move on. She deals with what comes her way, accepts the reality of the situation and acts accordingly. It's easy for her to offer advice to others and tell them to move on with their lives, but there's a certain level of hypocracy to her words. She's lost a lot of people dear to her-though it's never revealed in detail, it's implied the Capitol was responsible-once telling Katniss that she had no one left to love. She keeps up her walls, makes getting to know her difficult by being mean because she doesn't like losing friends and family, as seen when Finnick asks about how Blight died. The fact is, she has a hard time getting over the loss of those she cared about and doesn't want to experience that again.

All that aside, this girl isn't completely bad. In a rare moment of kindness, she straightens out Katniss' necklace before encouraging her to give President Snow hell and aligns herself with the rebels of District 13, all for the greater good of her society and to save Katniss, whom she dislikes for most of the series. Her and Finnick also have developed a very strong friendship as seen throughout Catching Fire, when he's visibly excited to see she survived, and when she sleeps next to him on the beach. She's brash, crude and frustrating, but she has rare moments of compassion and unexpected kindness. Unfortunately, Johanna has also developed something of a vicious streak, directed towards people who screw her over. At the end of the series, the surviving Victors are presented with an opportunity to have one last Hunger Games, strictly for the children of the Capitol, who had been left out of the previous seventy five games. Johanna is one of the Victors who votes in favor of having another, citing that they deserve a taste of their own medicine.

As of Mockingjay, Johanna also developed a strong fear of water due to PTSD from torture at the hands of the Capitol, to the point that she shows reluctance at going outside in the rain and has a hard time being convinced to bathe. Not to mention an addiction to morphling - a drug used to numb pain - to deal with her trauma. She has since kicked the habit, thanks in part to Katniss and her own stubbornness but the need is still there. She can be goaded past her phobia and addiction but even then she's still not one hundred percent over it and likely never will be.

In short, Johanna's really a product of what the Capitol and the Games made her into.

Arriving in Tu Shanshu will at first cause Johanna some distress and not because she's being taken from her world. Her and water don't mix well. In any case, she'll likely get extremely agitated and hostile to the kedan when she wakes up, more so because she's unarmed but once she's had time to calm down and breathe, she'll figure out that they aren't threatening her and be willing to listen. Whether she believes what they say is another matter entirely.

Johanna's going to think this entire mess is a result of her losing her marbles, to be frank. That she's fallen off the wagon, back on the morphling and this is all a result of a very elaborate hallucination. Or that she's been thrown into another arena-like area and that she's going to be expected to fight. She'll be initially distrustful of everything they offer her and spend time trying to sort through it all, preferably alone and in the woods.

That said, once she's come to terms with what's happening, Johanna will adapt fast. Dealing with magic and the supernatural isn't a thing in Panem but she's always been a survivor first, a human being second. She'll likely try to find or make herself a suitable weapon - just in case - then go about finding work and trying to live as normally as she can in a city that's on the back of a giant turtle.

Appearance: Johanna's description in the books is kept very vague and brief - an underweight woman with wide-set brown eyes and short, spiked brown hair. During her stay in the Capitol, her hair was shaved and is left with very visible scarring on most of her body - including her head. Parts of her hair didn't grow back, resulting in a patchy look. That's the primary reason for my choice of PB for her - Shannyn Sossamon.

-MURDER. Seriously though, she's been described by Katniss as being pretty good at killing.
-The use of a gun, i.e. maintenance, assembly and how to fire one.
-The use of an axe. She's been shown to throw it with deadly force and accuracy. See the murder bit above.
-Survival skills. Probably not hunting but foraging, knowing when to hide and when to fight, generally dealing with wilderness things.
-LUMBER STUFF. idk she knows things about wood.
-Being a smart ass jerk.

Inventory: The clothes on her back. Otherwise, absolutely nothing. :'D

Suite: Johanna's perfectly fine with having one floor, though I have a preference for the Wood or Fire, mostly Wood because she comes from the Lumber District and the trees would make her feel more at ease. Fire suits her temperament more though.

In-Character Samples:
Third Person: The haft of the silver tomahawk is a comfort in her sweating palm, fingers curled tightly around the belly as she pries it from the collapsed skull of a boy three years her junior. The weapon's lighter than what she's used to-the axes of District 7 aren't meant to be used as tools for murder-but she's confident she's become a fast learner, if the drying blood covering the blade and flecked along her skin is any indication.

Johanna kneels and checks the body, but not for signs of life-her first kill may not have been so clean but there's little doubt now that the boy before her is dead-a thorough search to determine if there's anything worth scavenging on this one. And it's just her luck; his pack contains a torch, a half filled water skin, an empty container and a blanket. No food but it's better than the nothing she started the Games with, some real progress in this shitty situation. It's already been two days since her last meal, her stomach constantly gurgling and pained. If she can hold out just a little longer, find a Career with some food... Maybe she can make it to the Feast, if she gets desperate enough.

There's two other items that could be potentially useful; the boy had a long, bronze spear-a pike, she thinks-and a matching circular shield. They're both heavy, more cumbersome than what she's used to and unfamiliar to her. On one hand, it could prove useful if she needed another weapon. On the other, it could slow her down. She bites her lip, uncertain and not wanting to linger much longer. In the end, she decides to leave them but makes sure the weapons lay over his body-they'll collect them with the boy that way-packs up quickly, leaving nothing worth carrying behind. Tonight, she'll have to decide if a fire is worth the risk of attracting other Tributes, if it will be another night of eating nothing but snow to stave off her hunger. And when she finally falls asleep, she'll have to banish any thoughts of just how fundamentally wrong this situation is.

If she survives, Johanna decides she can give Caesar Flickman and the rest of his maniacal, blood thirsty audience a piece of her mind then.

Network: [The feed turns on to a pair of brown eyes staring into the camera and after some time and a bit of fiddling, pans out to show a young woman, sitting in her suite. Her hair is a mess, partially because of the sea water, partially because it looks as if she lost a fight with a barber. There's no symmetry to her hair, no order and if you are the type who pays attention to details, you may notice the cause might have something to do with those strangely patterned burns on her face, leading up into her scalp.

There's an eery smile on her face, not one born of cheer or goodwill. In fact, she looks anything but happy, a subtle anger only seen in the repeated motion of her fists squeezing until her knuckles go white then relaxing, yet that smile still remains.]

I guess expecting the escorts here to be more helpful than they were back home was a waste of time. I'm pretty sure if I hear "that's the Emperor's business" one more time, I might scalp someone. [A joke, mostly. She's weaponless currently but like hell would she ever admit to it.] So, anyone going to tell us why we're really here? Or do I need to get an audience with this emperor guy after all? I'm retired but if they're wanting a show, they might have wanted to arm me first.
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Because of a combination of TL;DR events in her past and her personality type, Johanna can be sort of a bitch. And by "sort of," I mean "really." She's likely to press on your character's buttons, tease them, pick verbal and physical fights with them, and generally make their lives hard. She's also the naturally perceptive type.

So TL;DR, if you wouldn't mind filling this out, that would be great.

district7: (Let the only sound.)
"Look, no one's going to help you now."

The crunch of feet on snow, and you're running to the cover of a treeline with another girl-this one taller, blonde, stronger, more agile-in close pursuit. You are exhausted, you can't even remember how long you've been running but you know you are on your last leg and when your foot catches in a cluster of roots, you barely have the energy to scramble to your feet before she's on you.

There's fright on your face and a scream trapped in your throat as she brings her tomahawk down in a wild swing, an attempt to put the blade right through your face.

"You've pretty much seen to that yourself, with that little tearful farewell you gave."

It's a last minute dodge and you pay for it by taking the brunt of the swing in your left arm, and how you howl with pain. But you're alive, you've managed to roll away, your right hand landing on... A rock. Sizable, hefty, and you hold onto it as if your last breath depends on it.

The blonde's recovered from the bad swing and she's advancing on you again. This time you don't give her a chance; your initiative causes her to falter-just for a second-and that's enough. You slam the rock into her skull and she goes down.

"But maybe, if you're lucky enough, you can make it through this alive."

The tomahawk lays bloody in the snow, it's owner dazed and holding her hand out, trying to keep you away. You take a step forward, raise your rock again-"Wait, don't! We can work togeth-"-and bring it down, again, and again, and again until there's nothing but bloody pulp and a mass of broken bones left.

"You can only rely on yourself."

Blight's words echo in your ears as you pull away from the girl and spill the meager contents of your stomach.
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Do I suck so bad you wanna punch me in the face? Am I decent but not all that I'm cracked up to be? Or so awesome that you wanna shout it from the rooftops? Either way, this would be the place to critique me on playing Johanna. Be as harsh as you want; I can handle it.

IP logging is off, anon is on.


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